Oil Labor Time Tracker Change Logs

Date Version Comments
11/16/2006 1.08 Fixed hourly loaner car popup. It was poping up reguardless of if there was anything to display or not.
11/09/2006   Finalized the automatic backup of the customers server to our host server.
11/07/2006 1.07 Added some graphic controls including button appearance.
Added loaner car, every other, hourly popup reminder.
Added nightly time sync.
11/03/2006   Changed some of the color schemes for easier reading
10/30/2006 1.06

Modified the "extend a time" form for compatibility with ie7 and caused it to auto close.
Added elapsed time stamp to record at time of extending time and now displays in pop up window
Added ability to add a rental car RO # - (not necessarily the same as the time tracking RO#)
Added ability to check in a rental car - (requires master user level or cashier level)
Added basic "open" or non-returned loaner car report

10/28/2006 1.05

Finished the "extend a time" feature mouse over now displays the comments for reason to add time and the form to add time now closes on its own.
Worked out process for automatic distributing updates to program and backing up databases.

10/27/2006 1.04 Added feature to allow extending times for job 'add on' resetting times and requiring comments. Colors go from solid to blinking colors.
10/25/2006 1.03 Added 4th user category for display only option for a common area display
Modified administrator menu to allow proper selection of user category type.
10/24/2006 1.02 Caused service writers name to also appear in display
10/23/2006 1.01

Added Master user function to allow menu option for user maintenance.
Removed field to add service writers number because it now already knows that.
Added required service writer field to the user maintenance.
Added demo of the oil change time tracker program on the web site

Coming soon:

  1. Auto Demo Movie
  2. "Fancy" Reports

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